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Delta Academies Trust Delta is a single-trust multi-academy sponsor. In that capacity, it acts as one employer across all the Academies which it sponsors. Delta is an exempt educational charity with its members drawn from the public sector and Directors with appropriate expertise appointed on a voluntary basis. Delta has a proven track record as well as the educational expertise, capacity and experience to secure transformational change and sustainable academy improvement.

It is currently responsible for the leadership and governance of a number of schools including Academy Trusts and Foundation Shared Trusts.

With a predecessor educational trust history going back to the Delta has an impressive record in school improvement and has established an organisation which provides a 21st Century model for collaboration between the public sector and a not for profit organisation with public accountability. Our Mission is to enable all of the academies within our group to reach the same level of excellence and quality of provision, and for all of our young people to achieve their full potential.

About Delta. Caring academies. Academies based upon social responsibility, honesty, equality and consideration for others. Highly successful academies where self-help, self-determination and self-improvement is encouraged.

Innovative and energising learning centres which develop lively and enquiring minds for both students and staff. Academies which promote inclusion rather than exclusion, which by working in partnership with local agencies, offer a personalised curriculum for all students.

This enables the academies to adapt a zero exclusion policy. Academies where courtesy, co-operation, enterprise and initiatives are paramount and where tolerance rather than intolerance is practised. To be at the centre of the community as a resource, in its service to others and in promoting community cohesion.Choosing five university courses to apply to through UCAS can be a long process, and it is best to get started as early as possible.

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Options after Y11! Interviews An interview is a discussion in person, by phone or online, between you and an employer. Search Search this website. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.It dates back to at leastmaking it the national anthem with the oldest music. The "Wilhelmus" originated in the Dutch Revoltthe nation's struggle to achieve independence from the Spanish Empire.

In the first person, as if quoting himself, William speaks to the Dutch people about both the revolt and his own, personal struggle: to be faithful to the king, [4] without being unfaithful to his conscience: to serve God and the Dutch people.

In the lyrics William compares himself with the biblical David who serves under the tyrannic king Saul. As the merciful David defeats the unjust Saul and is rewarded by God with the kingdom of Israelso too William hopes to be rewarded with a kingdom.

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William was Roman Catholicthough he converted to Calvinism later in life. Both the "Wilhelmus" and the Dutch Revolt should be seen in the light of the 16th century Reformation in Europe and the resulting persecution of Protestants by the Spanish Inquisition in the Low Countries. Militant music proved very useful not only in lampooning Roman clerks and repressive monarchs but also in generating class transcending social cohesion.

In successfully combining a psalmic character with political relevancy, the "Wilhelmus" stands as the pre-eminent example of the genre.

dejta i nolby

However, the triumphant contents of the "Wilhelmus" differ greatly from the content of the original song, making it subversive at several levels. Thus, the Dutch Protestants had taken over an anti-Protestant song, and adapted it into propaganda for their own agenda.

In that way, the "Wilhelmus" was typical for its time: it was common practice in the 16th century for warring groups to steal each other's songs in order to rewrite them. Even though the melody stems fromthe first known written down version of it comes from ; at the time the anthem was sung at a much quicker pace. The origins of the lyrics are uncertain. The "Wilhelmus" was first written some time between the start of the Eighty Years' War in April and the Capture of Brielle on 1 April[9] making it at least — years old.

Soon after the anthem was finished it was said that either Philips of Marnixa writer, statesman and former mayor of Antwerpor Dirck Coornherta politician and theologian, wrote the lyrics. However, this is disputed as neither Marnix nor Coornhert ever mentioned that they had written the lyrics, even though the song was immensely popular in their time.

The "Wilhelmus" also has some odd rhymes in it. In some cases the vowels of certain words were altered to allow them to rhyme with other words.

Some see this as evidence that neither Marnix or Coornhert wrote the anthem, as they were both experienced poets when the "Wilhelmus" was written, and it is said they would not have taken these small liberties. Hence some believe that the lyrics of the Dutch national anthem were the creation of someone who just wrote one poem for the occasion and then disappeared from history.

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A French translation of the "Wilhelmus" appeared around Recent stylometric research has mentioned Pieter Datheen as a possible author of the text of the Dutch national anthem. The complete text comprises fifteen stanzas.

The anthem is an acrostic : the first letters of the fifteen stanzas formed the name "Willem van Nassov" Nassov was a contemporary orthographic variant of Nassau. In the current Dutch spelling the first words of the 12th and 13th stanzas begin with Z instead of S.

Like many of the songs of the period, it has a complex structure, composed around a thematic chiasmus : the text is symmetrical, in that verses one and 15 resemble one another in meaning, as do verses two and 14, three and 13, etc.

dejta i nolby

Even so I fled this welter", where the comparison is made not only between the biblical David and William of Orange as a merciful and just leader of the Dutch Revoltbut also between the tyrant King Saul and the Spanish crown, and between the promised land of Israel granted by God to David, and a kingdom granted by God to William.

In the first person, as if quoting himself, William speaks about how his disagreement with his king troubles him; he tries to be faithful to his king, [4] but he is above all faithful to his conscience: to serve God and the Dutch people. This may have been because at the time late 16th century it was uncommon to doubt publicly the divine right of kingswho were accountable to God alone.

The prince thus states that his roots are Germanic rather than Romance — in spite of his being Prince of Orange as well. Though only proclaimed the national anthem inthe "Wilhelmus" already had a centuries-old history.

It had been sung on many official occasions and at many important events since the outbreak of the Dutch Revolt insuch as the siege of Haarlem in and the ceremonial entry of the Prince of Orange into Brussels on 18 September Dutch sinners! But know that soon I shall be sung of! Another legend claims that following the Navigation Act an ordinance by Oliver Cromwell requiring all foreign fleets in the North Sea or the Channel to dip their flag in salute the "Wilhelmus" was sung or rather, shouted by the sailors on the Dutch flagship Brederode in response to the first warning shot fired by an English fleet under Robert Blakewhen their captain Maarten Tromp refused to lower his flag.

At the end of the song, which coincided with the third and last English warning shot, Tromp fired a full broadside, thereby beginning the Battle of Goodwin Sands and the First Anglo-Dutch War.

The meaning and origin of the expression: Paddle your own canoe

During the Dutch Golden Ageit was conceived essentially as the anthem of the House of Orange-Nassau and its supporters — which meant, in the politics of the time, the anthem of a specific political faction which was involved in a prolonged struggle with opposing factions which sometimes became violent, verging on civil war. Therefore, the fortunes of the song paralleled those of the Orangist faction.Please use the below link to see what steps we have taken in response to COVID and to access the student home classroom.

We will develop lively and inquisitive minds and always engage and communicate with parents, extended families and the wider community. Our students will leave their time with us as successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens, ready to grasp every opportunity available to them in their future careers and wider lives.

Read More. Updating your childs details couldn't be easier. As a school we hold information on file for all of our students along with contact informa …. To help them pre …. Collections are to be mad ….

Today was the last day of the school year, a year like no other. When live lessons produce answers like this! Fantastic reading skills shown today, Y9 - very proud of you. Useful Links. Parent info. Contact Us. Curriculum Read about our rich and varied curriculum. Upcoming Events Year 6 Transition Afternoon Extra Curricular. Latest News Need to update your details? View all Academy news. Jul 14 - pm When live lessons produce answers like this!Pl Lindahl, Nya Vgen 3, Kvissleby deshow.

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dejta i nolby

Anders Lfstrm, Renvgen 4, Kvissleby deshow. Ulf Lennart Karlsson, Trutvgen 3, Kvissleby deshow.According to a report in The Oregonian, grocery wholesaler and retailer Supervalu will begin planned layoffs at a warehouse in Oregon beginning in March, with jobs to be cut by July 4. The report cites a Supervalu letter to its employees sent to state officials Jan.

dejta i nolby

The Oregonian reported in February that Supervalu would close its warehouse near Milwaukie, WA and two others in the Puget Sound area, to be replaced by two larger warehouses in Washington State. The union representative said some longtime Milwaukie warehouse employees will retire or take new jobs at Fred Mayer, Safeway and Albertsons warehouses. Jan 13th, Mike Hockett. Parag Chitnis will succeed Dr. Scott Angle, bringing more than 31 years of scientific research and experience to the NIFA director's office.

US Economy Stumbling as Pandemic Worsens Six states representing one-third of the economy are reversing reopening plans, while plans are on pause in 15 other states. Capital Investment.

Number of Planned Food Mfg. Projects Continues Slide It indicates that capital investment in facility projects may be subdued for the rest of Supply Chain. Supply Chains Challenged to Innovate by Virus As we work toward stabilization of the global supply chain, technology and innovation will be required ingredients to enable a swift rebound. Frito-Lay Faces Discrimination Lawsuit in Kansas Employees regularly heard racial slurs and were threatened with lynching.Original Art Greetings Cards.

The figurative meaning of 'padding one's own canoe' began to be used in the early 19th century. This was what was in mind of the author of The Selangor Journal: Jottings Past and Present, when reporting the lack of community spirit amongst the coffee planters in Malaysia:. If the planters would unite and use their united influence they could start a bank to advance money to deserving young planters They let each poor fellow paddle his own canoe, and if he capsizes and stretches out his hand in despair for someone to save him The imagery of self-reliance that the phrase conjures up was employed by the founder of the Scouts Movement, Lord Baden-Powell, when he used it as the title of a book in The independence of mind implicit in the advice the phrase conveys is plain to see in two gung-ho poems written on the subject in the USA in the s.

My father die, God rest his soul, When years I numbered two, And left me 'midst this world alone, To paddle my own canoe. A step-grand-daddy, now no more, Taught me my P's and Q. And ever in my ears he dinned, You'll paddle your own canoe.

My home was no Elysian spot Of bright and sunny hue, And therefore I the sooner left, To paddle my own canoe.

And through the world I roamed at large, O'er land and ocean blue; And though the struggle oft was hard, I paddled my own canoe. For thus I argued, man to man, Is often, times untrue; Then while with health and strength you're blest Just paddle your own canoe. As partners in the strife for gain, Self-interest will pursue; And leave you with your debts, perhaps, To paddle your own canoe.

And then no sympathy you'll find From friends who once were true; They knew you lost when first you ceased To paddle your own canoe. But I one cherished object sought And ever kept in view; A friend of pure unsullied heart, 'To paddle my own canoe. A friend she is in word and deed— Her interest mine is too; The twain are one - I still may say, I paddle my own canoe.

Voyager upon life's sea, To yourself be true, And whatever your lot may be, Paddle your own canoe. Never, though the winds may rave, Falter or look back; But upon the darkest wave Leave a shining track. Paddle your own canoe. Nobly dare the wildest storm, Stem the hardest gale, Brave of heart and strong of arm You will never fail. When the world is cold and dark, Keep your aim in view; And toward the beacon work, Paddle your own canoe. Would you crush the giant wrong, In the world's free fight?

With a spirit brave and strong, Battle for the right. And to break the chains that bind The many to the few To enfranchise slavish mind,- Paddle your own canoe. Nothing great is lightly won, Nothing won is lost, Every good deed, nobly done, Will repay the cost. Leave to Heaven, in humble trust, All you will to do: But if succeed, you must Paddle your own canoe. See other phrases that were coined in the USA. Paddle your own canoe What's the meaning of the phrase 'Paddle your own canoe'? Act independently and decide your own fate.

What's the origin of the phrase 'Paddle your own canoe'? This was what was in mind of the author of The Selangor Journal: Jottings Past and Present, when reporting the lack of community spirit amongst the coffee planters in Malaysia: If the planters would unite and use their united influence they could start a bank to advance money to deserving young planters

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