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Elise is the childhood sweetheart of the male Hero of Brightwall and is the supporting character of the quest Life in the Castle. Introduced early on, she is the one who teaches the player how to use the touch mechanic. She was first revealed at Gamescom. At the very beginning of the game, Elise tells the Hero of rumors that a factory worker was executed and the staff at the castle are uneasy.

After going hand in hand to the kitchen where the Hero gives a speech, she will leave while the Hero trains with Walter. During the training session, she bursts in, informing the Hero and Walter of protesters outside the castle. After Walter leaves to talk to King Loganshe convinced the Hero to follow him and spy on the conversation; they do, and are shocked when Logan decides to kill the leaders of the protesters.

They are both then caught, and taken to the throne room. Here, the Hero must choose between executing Elise or executing the leaders of the protest. Elise will insist that the Hero choose her. Even if you choose to keep her alive, you will leave the castle without her. When the Hero asks about her, Walter simply says she can look after herself.

If Elise is dead when you perform this quest, she will be replaced by a woman named Geraldinebut the quest is otherwise unchanged.

Plus belle la vie : Souvenez-vous - La mort d'Elise Carmin

As they progress through a cave, Elise tells him about how guilty she felt for letting the ringleaders die and therefore her living, and how she loves Laszlo and the Hero. After rescuing her, he will have the choice of telling her to be his, for her to go to Laszlo or stay silent.

This quest becomes unavailable after leaving for Aurora during Traitors. It doesn't affect on gameplay, except that she will be your wife. If you choose either of the other options, she will marry Laszlo, and "A Lost Romance" will not activate.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Categories :. Cancel Save. Hero of Brightwall Childhood Sweetheart Laszlo. First Appearance. Last Appearance.On air since 30 Augustit is currently shown on France 3 on Monday to Friday evenings at pm. The show began with seventeen main actors and gained more over time. On 11 July France 3 broadcast its one thousandth episode, a milestone in French television. The series set a second record on 8 Junewith its two thousandth episode.

The series follows the daily lives of the inhabitants of "Le Mistral", a fictional neighbourhood in the Mediterranean port city of Marseillewhere wealthy and less than wealthy families co-exist. It focuses on their evolving love lives and friendships evolve and on the criminal intrigues in which certain residents of the neighbourhood are involved.

At first it was difficult to attract viewers. However, after striving to create more dynamic story lines, by the second season Plus belle la vie had an audience of five million.

On Valentine's Daya plot involving Nicolas Barrel's death drew an audience of 6, The series regularly averages an audience of 5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from PBLV. Authority control BNF : cbb data. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Maidi Roth. MarseilleFrance. Sylvie Flepp. Michel Cordes.

Thierry Ragueneau. Pierre Martot. Rebecca Hampton. Geoffrey Sauveaux. Sofiane Belmouden. Ibtissem Guerda. Richard Guedj.

Alexandre Pottier. Virgile Bayle. Alexandre Fabre. Thibaud Vaneck. Jean-Charles Chagachbanian. Franck Borde. Ludovic Baude. Audric Chapus. David Baiot. Marwan Berreni.She is also the only snooty monkey. She, along with all the monkeys, was introduced in Wild World.

Her japanese name is a shortening of her species name, "monkey. She is one of few villagers who wears accessories. Elise is an off-green monkey with a tan face. This same tan color is seen on the ends of her limbs. She wears large red glasses and she has tiny black dots for eyes.

These eyes have two small eyelashes sticking out of each one. She also has thick pink lips and a small beauty mark. The innards of her ears are a sky blue color. In New Leafhowever, she wears the Gumdrop Tee. In City FolkElise's house has no particular theme. She has two lucky furniture items, being a tanuki statue and a lucky cat, as well as other assorted furniture. She has Neapolitan playing on a stereo. In New LeafElise's house is very fancy and sophisticated.

She also has a small section in the bottom right corner with wooden furniture, such as the owl clock and some Modern Wood items.

Her Gold Stereo plays Neapolitan. Elise's wallpaper is the Rose Wall, and her flooring is the Ceramic Tile. Elise is the kind of can-do lady who could cook up a business proposal and a four-course meal in the space of a single evening. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Below is a brief description of the snooty personality.

For more information, click here. New Leaf.Ninon va vivre une histoire d'amour avec Rudy Torresl'un des jeunes habitants du Mistral. Par la suite, Thomas Lenoir, un jeune homosexuel, se fait engager comme serveur au bar de Roland. Marc Vernet, un peintre, s'installe au Mistral et rencontre Ninon Chaumette.

Entre eux, c'est le coup de foudre et Ninon quitte Rudy pour lui. Une fois que Guillaume a repris connaissance, Lorraine lui dit que cet homme vient de la violer. Franck s'installe chez Blanche, qui tombe enceinte.

Johanna Marci fait un mariage blanc avec son ami Jean-Baptiste Gauthier. Tandis que Samia est dans le coma, Malik, qui souhaite la venger, retrouve la trace de Dylan. C'est alors que Samia sort du coma.

Au contact de Denis, Nicolas sombre dans la toxicomanie. Luna Torres a une relation amoureuse avec Vadim Cazals, un cardiologue. Guillaume Leserman se met en couple avec le commandant de police Marie Bergman. Franck quitte alors Marseille. Romain finit par enlever Thomas, dont il est fou amoureux, avant de blesser gravement Florian quand celui-ci intervient. Il quitte Marseille, seul et laissant Blanche et Johanna en froid. Tandis que la police recherche le coupable, Norbert et son complice Vivien continuent de chercher l'argent.

elise pblv wiki

Adriana Paoletti est atteinte d'un cancer du foie. Lorsque Karim fait l'objet d'une seconde tentative d'assassinat, la police le fait passer pour mort, pour retrouver plus facilement ceux qui ont voulu le tuer. Mais Lydie meurt d'une crise cardiaque sans avoir pu signer son testament. Samia et Jean-Paul Boher deviennent parents avec la naissance de leur fille Lucie. Progressivement, Blanche prend conscience de la violence de Fournier.

Pour se venger, Angelo fait assassiner Sandrine. Les deux adolescents finissent par faire une tentative de suicide. Ce dernier refuse.

Manu tente alors de violer Elsala compagne de Karim, avant de se faire tuer par Abdel Fedala. Boher et Esteban retrouvent la femme de la victime. Cependant, Abdel va vivre une histoire d'amour avec Vanessa, la femme de Novak, qui subit la violence de son mari. Elias et Barbara se mettent en couple et se marient.

Baptiste devra jouer les gigolos avec Vitreuil pour qu'Alpha puisse payer ses harceleurs. Sacha accepte donc d'aider Ferri dans un premier temps mais il fait la connaissance dans un second temps de Mathilde Vasquez, le sosie de feue Victoire Lissajoux et collaboratrice de Simonian.

Dounia Coesens

Sacha en sort indemne, mais Luna perd l'usage de ses jambes. Mais, avant de l'assassiner, le couple prendra soin de mettre les empreintes de Francesco sur l'arme du crime, pour que ce dernier finisse aux Baumettes. Elle a besoin d'une greffe de toute urgence. Par la suite, Millard va essayer de tuer Baptiste Marcile petit-fils de Roland. Par la suite, Jeanne va s'apercevoir de la trahison de Mila et va la virer de chez elle.Remi Bouchard is arrested over Chloe's disappearance, just as he was 15 years earlier.

Lise isn't convinced that he's guilty, and he insists that the former investigation against him was biased. Several locals become suspects in the case. Clovis and Lise's inquiries appear to indicate that Remi Bouchard is telling the truth and the investigation carried out 15 years earlier was falsified. A major breakthrough in the case occurs and it becomes apparent that the same perpetrator is to blame as 15 years earlier. Remi Bouchard's alibi is solid and Clovis is obliged to release him.

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Title: Vanished by the Lake —. Three years after Vanished by the Lake, Lise and Clovis are now by another lake, in Annecy, and face the challenge of a new family life with their nine-month-old son Tom as the couple takes on a demanding new investigation.

A doctor is shot in the back in her home, her husband is murdered and her infant daughter kidnapped. Faced with inept police, who at times suspect her, she begins her own hunt for her baby and the culprits. Set in a small coastal village in France, this is a quiet thriller of crime and dark secrets. The opening sequence takes place in a house just put out for sale. In it, the discovery of what Freed after 20 years in prison, the child killer Guy Beranger found refuge with the monks in Vielsart, a small village in Belgian's Ardennes.

He is placed under the protection of a young A little girl disappears after finding a severed hand in the river behind their house not far from the Finnish-Russian border of Norway. Unexpectedly the military refuses to hep in the search.

elise pblv wiki

Based on the books by Alexis Lecave, Dead Beautiful English title is a series of self-concluding episodes, which follows Paris-based Police Commissioner Martin and his detective team as Eva Beaufils takes just one look at an old photo and it turns her whole world upside down. Suddenly, her husband Bastien disappears.Sign In Don't have an account?

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elise pblv wiki

Concept artwork of Elise, featuring her in various hairstyles. Artwork of Elise from Fire Emblem Fates. Artwork of Elise from Fire Emblem Heroes. Elise's render from Fire Emblem Warriors. Artwork of Elise from the 4koma Book.

Lotus Elise

Artwork of Elise in Fire Emblem 0 Cipher by kawasumi. Artwork of Elise and Xander. Elise as a Strategist in Fire Emblem 0 Cipher. Elise as a Troubadour in Fire Emblem 0 Cipher. Elise as a Ninja in Fire Emblem 0 Cipher.

Lotus Elise

Elise as a Maid in Fire Emblem 0 Cipher. Elise as an unaffiliated Troubadour in Fire Emblem 0 Cipher. Elise as a Priestess in Fire Emblem 0 Cipher. Elise during the Avatar's choice in Chapter 6. Elise hugging the Avatar in Chapter 14 on the Revelation campaign. Elise, Camillaand Leo during the route split in Chapter 6. Cutscene still of Elise boisterously dragging the Avatar on the Conquest campaign.

Elise protecting the Avatar from Xander in Chapter 26 on the Birthright campaign. Elise dying in Chapter 26 on the Birthright campaign. Elise, along with the other Nohrian royals, in the Conquest ending cutscene. Elise's Nohrian Summer portrait in Heroes.The Lotus Elise is a two-seat, rear-wheel drive, mid-engined roadster conceived in early and released in September by the British manufacturer Lotus Cars.

The Elise has a fibreglass body shell atop its bonded extruded aluminium chassis that provides a rigid platform for the suspension, while keeping weight and production costs to a minimum.

These were more competent on track with sports suspension, wheels and tyres, seats according to model. The Series 1 Lotus Elise 80 was briefly assembled on a dedicated assembly line at Proton 's Shah Alam factory between and A faster edition called the S, named after the Lotus type-number of the Elise Typewas introduced in early and had the 1.

It featured a VVC system providing continuously variable lift and duration on the intake valves only. Fitted with a closer ratio manual gearbox and lower ratio final drive, the acceleration was improved. Minor changes include more padding in the seats, headlamp covers, rear spoiler, cross drilled brake discs, alloy window winders and a six-spoke wheels. The rear wheels being slightly wider than before necessitated the fitting of "spats" on the back of the rear wheel arches to comply with EU regulations.

The S was also fitted with a "chipcutter" front grille. Inthe R limited edition model, based on a Series 1 Elise was introduced. This roofless car was a special edition, limited to only cars being built. However, in production models the refers to the number of cars built. The Series 1 could not be produced beyond the model production year due to new European crash sustainability regulations, so Lotus needed a development partner to meet the investment requirement for a Series 2 car.

General Motors offered to fund the project, in return for a badged and GM-engined version of the car for their European brands, Opel and Vauxhall.

The Series 2 Elise, announced on 9 Octoberwas a redesigned Series 1 using a slightly modified version of the Series 1 chassis to meet the new regulations, and the same K-series engine with a brand new Lotus-developed ECU.

The design of the body paid homage to the earlier M conceptand was the first Lotus to be designed on a computer. Both cars shared many parts, including the chassis, although they had different drive-trains and power-plants. The VX carried the Lotus internal model identification Lotuswith the code name Skipton for the launch 2.

The S Type 25 was built to commemorate the revolutionary race car driven by Jim Clark in F1, painted in Lotus Racing Green with twin metallic yellow stripes running front to back.

Unique black Lotus styled six spoke wheels. The interior includes perforated Ruby red leather seats, door panels and steering wheel centre echoing the originaland red laurels embroidered onto the headrest of each seat.

A Heritage Type 25 ID plate confirms it's limited edition status as only 50 of these cars were produced. The UK market was to get 45 and Australia 5. During boat loading one of the 5 was damaged and only 4 sent to Australia. It's presumed the damaged car was later sold in the UK. The car is also supplied with hard top maintaining the twin stripes. The S models were discontinued in in favour of the Toyota powerplant. It is believed that the switch to a Toyota engine was due to federalising issues with the Rover powerplant in the USA, however this has been largely unproven with little information released from Lotus as to the exact reasons.

As of the time of the switch the Rover engine would still have met the standards required of it for use in America. These also came with associated handling upgrades such as Lotus Sport Suspension and wider wheels with Yokohama Advan A tyres. The engine management computer is a Lotus programmed unit. The Lotus Elise was the first to be sold commercially in the United States, in the summer of For the model year Lotus several minor changes were made. The LOTUS decals on the rear of the vehicle, previously flat stickers, were replaced by raised lettering.

elise pblv wiki

The headlamp units were sealed. Also, in order to comply with US Federally mandated bumper restrictions, the frontal crash structure was slightly changed and rear bumperettes were added next to the licence plate mount. Approximately model year "launch" cars were shipped to the US without these bumper changes.

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