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Hermione Marriage Law Fics. Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: A collection of Hermione-centric marriage law fics or stories where Hermione is forced to marry someone. Forever by granger2malfoy reviews With a new Marriage Law being passed, Blaise Zabini makes Hermione Granger an offer of marriage but not all things go as planned, by either of them. You've been roaming the hallways of Hogwarts since Friday like a freaking zombie! Usually Draco Malfoy's pov. Unmarried purebloods were forced to marry muggle borns, half bloods and blood traitors.

Love never came first. Starting was a struggle. At the end of war, the Wizengamot has passed a Marriage Law. The Order has opened Headquarters to house its youngest members during a summer of Ministry-sponsored social events. With Snape as a chaperone, and engaged to another woman, the advent of a busy Hermione, determined to see her friends in love-matches, can only be a recipe for disaster. The Ministry of Magic has to act and enforces a marriage law.

Priceless: Diamonds by KristieConspiracy reviews "I want that one. He should have known it wouldn't be that easy. Book 1 of the 'Priceless' series, sequel is 'Snakeskin'. AU marriage law, modern wizarding world c. Snape's nicer, but still in character. Yes, it can be done!

Hermione's an adult, trying to move on from her grief. Comfort, healing, and romance await. Come, read, and see if you agree with over positive reviews!


Injunction or Chance? Everyone except Fred. Can he be convinced that this marriage isn't only injunction? What about the End? When the Ministry declares it's no longer needed? In 30 days they can be reinstated, but will anyone?Also, I did not finish the story so there could be more. After the defeat of Voldemort, seventh year Hermione Granger chooses to marry Severus Snape before the Marriage Law is passed in order to prevent worse Death Eaters from drawing up contracts with her against her will.

The wedding is over, and the couple returns to Hogwarts. The first thing I should mention is that I only read about 4 chapters before I was so frustrated that I had to stop.

So, some of you who do not share my pet peeves might really enjoy this fic, and you might also find a lot of things in the middle and later chapters that I did not that redeems it. The problem is that Snape and Hermione both act like complete idiots. Utterly asinine. Then, Snape publicly shames her by giving her a detention and when she refuses to go, he attempts to physically drag her there.

He bears no resemblance to my beloved Potions Professor. Hermione is slightly more in character β€” after all, she immediately sets Snape on fire when he manhandles her, which is exactly what any mature Gryffindor worth their colors would have done β€” but she also suffers from plot-contrived stupidity when the author requires it. Real, intelligent people are automatically anxious about being overheard and do damage control right at that moment. This is not how you create conflict or write intelligent chcaracters.

Hermione is a bit Mary Sue, too, which is surprising in a Half-Blood Prince era fic when it was looked down on as a cliche, as it is today. Lucius Malfoy, my beloved glittering arctic fox, apparently wants Hermione for a bride. There are a lot of fun ideas β€” using storm clouds and sunlight in the Great Hall for humorous effect, giving Snape chicken pox, Snape subtly coaxing and then viciously eviscerating a couple of boys hassling Hermione, Ginny smuggling Hermione chocolate mousse to comfort her after a bad day, Hermione setting Snape on fire when he pushes her too far.

All of these are fun ideas, and most of these scenes are written well. Her strengths lie in friendship, comedy, and the dynamics of a group.

hermione and snape marriage law fanfic

But serious, calm, slow-to-action, always trying to outfox each other, curled-up-with-a-book Snape and Hermione? The bottom line: The romantic tension is non-existent because they are married when the fic begins. Lackluster characterizations, tragic misunderstandings, and impulsive and asinine emotional conflict ruin an otherwise funny and well-written fic. In the years after the fall of Voldemort, a new Marriage Law thrusts Hermione Granger into marriage with Severus Snape, setting off a chain of events that will shape the Wizarding World for generations to come.

I started the story with high expectations. The timeline of this fic is sprawling; we follow Hermione and Snape from her last year at Hogwarts to the very twilight of their years. We see long narrative windows, and then the time jumps 10 years. Despite this unique construction, the words flow easily and the reading is page-turning and enjoyable. I also felt that the writing and characterizations grew stronger as the fic continued; I enjoyed the middle and end of the fic far more than the beginning, which hardly ever happens.

The characterizations are decent. I often find that authors have a difficult time keeping Snape in character after the romance begins; they want to soften him and turn him into a considerate romantic hero.

This story manages to keep him fairly in character up until the very end, which I very much appreciate. Hermione is fairly in character, although I found her to be a bit traditional and Molly Weasley-ish for my taste.To get vengeance on his son, Severus' father arranges his marriage. Hermione Granger and the Intended Vessels by SamusAran [ Reviews - ] [formerly 'Bride of the Potions Professor'] Sometimes all it takes to change the world is one small, simple choice.

By killing Draco, she saves Dumbledore and keeps Voldemort at bay for a little while. But evil never sleeps for long. On Marriage by snailexpress [ Reviews - ] Hermione is forced to marry a pure-blood wizard. Can she learn to live with her choice? Care of Magical Creatures by miamadwyn [ Reviews - ] The end is nigh There will be a new chapter posted daily until the end chapters total. Seventh-year student Hermione Granger decides to marry the one eligible wizard who did not ask for her--the horrid but powerful Severus Snape.

πŸ’• Snape + Hermione β•‘A Second Chanceβ•‘ β€’ by Amchoupiegirl β€’

All is not sweetness and light. Be careful what you ask for. Or, as has been said by many a wise witch, "Marry in haste; repent in leisure. Will our favorites find love and peace? Between a rock and a hard place, Hermione makes a decision to marry her Potions master, but she cannot understand beforehand just what she is agreeing to in full.

Features thoroughly nasty Snape with 'issues'. Winner of round three of the Multifaceted award, Courage category. Going into the darker parts of the human psyche as Hermione and Snape both have to face their inner demons when trapped in a forced marriage. Dealing with conjugal abuse but without containing it.One thing I really appreciated about the fic was the strong, independent, logical Hermione.

The Snape, however, is not quite as on point. Especially in the early chapters, he gave off almost a Pathetic!

Hermione and severus marriage law pregnant fanfiction

Snape vibe. He settles into a more traditional Snape as the fic continues, however. The warplot was disappointing for me. It seemed promising in the beginning, but it kind of petered out to nothing.

It was a bit of a slog to the end. The romance is decent; that slow-burn is always a little clumsy in Marriage Law fics, by necessity, but it is done well here in the few chapters in which they are becoming comfortable with each other. The majority of the fic, unfortunately, has a resolved romance and the focus is on logistics and the weak action plot.

Read it for the academic-based romance and the beautifully strong, independent Hermione. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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hermione and snape marriage law fanfic

With Snape! Surely that has to be awesome. The Marriage Stone is novel length fanfic written on Fanficiton. She becomes really close with Lupin and Severus. Author's Comment: This is my first full-length femmeslash in the Potterverse. And her friends hate her for it. But then, five parts in out of something like 40 parts totalyou have Hermione getting pregnant.

It is done all through forms and the Ministry will find your 'soul mate. Hermione Granger tells the Order of the Phoenix to go F itself. When the Ministry announces a Marriage Law has been put in place, all Muggleborns are forced to wed a Pureblood or Half-Blood lest they be put in an arranged marriage. His light blue eyes were filled with nothing but love and tenderness. Bravely, Hermione put her hand on Severus's back. It's a "dubious consent" fic, which is the way I like my femmeslash--that or out-and-out non-con.

The cream Hermione uses is from the company Severus owns and offers her a better cream to put on the scarring. Yes, it can be done! Hermione's an adult, trying to move on from her grief.

hermione and snape marriage law fanfic

Hermione and Lucius escape a boring Ministry function and get carried away by the ancient magic of the holiday. The seventeen year old head girl made her way to the couch. Come read, write, and explore our site.However, when former Death Eater β€” Theo Nott β€” is dying, Hermione is guilted into marrying him to save his life.

The idea was ridiculous!. Well, anyways, try to focus on the lesson you three. Sorry it took so long! This story is about Hermione Granger and Theodore Nott. And the marriage law. Hermione finds that the Slytherin Prince himself is her 'soulmate'- or so the Ministry says. August 24, In a post-war world where Hermione is friends with Draco Malfoy and most of her friends have developed relationships with former Slytherin classmates, Hermione is single. She just never thought in a million years the test would be used against her.

See more ideas about Dramione, Dramione fanfiction, Draco and hermione. But Theodore Nott was a good man, an excellent companion and a supportive husband, so she couldn't really complain. On top of the stress of being Head Girl, a marriage law was put forth. Snape is married to Nott's mother, but in the end they end up together.

hermione and snape marriage law fanfic

Like my eighth year. Arranged marriage Theomione fanfic Romance. When Voldemort was in control of the Ministry of Magic, Yaxley became the. At the age of eleven, she learned about her magical nature and was accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It's where your interests connect you with your people.

The Marriage Law Fanfiction. Bonus points if Crabbe and Goyle, despite being denser than a brick wall, are somehow fully aware of them and call them Hansy, Theoron, and Drarry.

Hermione And Theodore Nott Marriage Law Fanfiction

Chapter 1: The law that broke the purebloods "They legalized rape! Will this ever be a love, not hate-filled relationship? Sighing, Theodore backed away from the muggleborn, nodding his apologies and prepared to leave. Forced into a marriage contract that she can't get out of because of the Pureblood population dwindling, she finds herself the young bride to Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zambini and Theo Nott.

The Marriage Law Repealed.Disclaimer: I don't known Harry Potter or any recognizable places or characters. If my experiment is successful, perhaps I can continue this pairing. Not sure how long it will be, but it won't be short. Thanks for reading.

The Ties that Lead to Trust – by Gfeather

Hope you enjoy! For instance, Draco's not given the task to kill Dumbledore, but he is a Death Eater you will see later. Voldemort is still alive and kicking, in fact he's growing more powerful. Hermione is of age in the Wizarding World, as will be explained.

I think that explains everything. If I need to clarify something else, I will do so in individual chapter notes.

Voldemort stood before his Deatheaters, a wicked grin on his face. It was obvious he'd just done something, or was about to do something that made him very happy, elated in fact. There had been few advancements for their side in the war, of late, and everyone was interested to know what had their leader so excited.

Snape stood to the side, keeping his eyes both toward Voldemort as well as on the gathered Deatheaters around him. He was observing and listening, a skill he'd picked up as second nature in all his years as a spy.

Four words caught his attention. Marriage Law Potter's Mudblood When would this job become easier? When would he get a break? When would he be able to stop looking after those three morons? The Dark Lord wanted to use Miss Granger, and he imagined there was no better way than to force her to marry a Deatheater.

He was a fool if he thought that would ever work. The girl had a harder head than Potter, and was ten times the fighter. But he knew Voldemort could not be swayed, so the question was, which of his 'brothers of the Dark' would have the honor of trying to break her. He shuddered at the thought. He might not like the girl, but she was an innocent. She was barely more than a child, and he hated to think of the horrors she'd face as a Deatheater's mudblood wife.

He had to speak to Dumbledore. Annoying as she was, the Order couldn't risk one of their biggest weapons falling in the hands of Voldemort, even if only in body nor spirit. Hermione sat between Ron and Harry at breakfast, and laughed at how ravenous they seemed to be that morning. Hermione just giggled, noticing the post was swooping in. Plopped down in front of her was the Daily Prophetand two thick envelopes. Puzzled, she furrowed her brow. Both envelopes were from the ministry.

That was quite odd since they usually only ever wrote to inform a person of an infraction.

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